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Professional, Secure URL Shortener

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Advanced Reporting

Track your links using advanced Reporting & Analytics by continents, countries, states, cities, device type, device brand & device name


All the links created at Bixly are scanned using the Google safe browsing security service to ensure the Short Url is safe and secure.

Password Protect Links

You can password protect the links you create at the Bixly website so only people with authorization can access the links you have created.

Create Bulk Links

Create upto 50 links and bundle them together so they can be easily accessed and shared with the public.

Create Unlimited URLs

Bixly allows you to create an unlimited number of short URLs which can be easily managed and tracked via the Bixly website.

Social Media Counts

Display social media counts for most popular networks like Facebook Pinterest Linkedin Twitter

Easy To Use Website

The Bixly website is really easy to use. You can quickly create links and also manage and track all the website links you create via the website

Affordable Pricing

The professional service we offer for customers comes with more control and features. It is both affordable and comes with a fixed cost and no monthly ongoing fees.

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